Raw Deal: Woman’s window blinds weren’t long enough, but the replacement process was

NO one likes the idea of other people spying through their windows.

Heather Ramsay, of Arbroath, ordered new louvre blinds from Hillarys, one of the biggest blinds firms in Britain.

Things went well at first. Heather had a Hillarys representative out so she could choose the type of material and the colour.

The rep measured up her windows, a price was agreed and an order placed.

However, when the blinds arrived and were fitted a problem shortly presented itself.

They weren’t long enough.

If a blind lets people see into the window, then it isn’t doing its job.

The blinds were not “fit for purpose”.

Heather got in touch with her Hillarys rep and asked for the blinds to be replaced.

The firm initially agreed it would rectify the situation, but getting it to take action seemed a bit more difficult.

Heather spoke to various representatives on the phone and received conflicting information.

At one point she was told there was no record of a promised return call on their system and that they considered the matter closed.

But, crucially, Heather was able to show screengrabs of text conversations proving she had been promised her blinds would be replaced.

She contacted Raw Deal and Hillarys, once we appraised their senior management team of the full situation, they were quick to act.

Heather is to have a new set of blinds fitted and has even been assured she can choose a new design if she wishes to do so.

Her perseverance, and knowledge of her rights as a consumer, paid off – with a little help from Raw Deal.


Written by  , 25/06/2016


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