Child safety blinds


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Push & Pull ideal for Pleated Blinds

For pleated blinds, this model is ideal for childrens’ bedrooms as the cords are attached to the window sill and the blind is raised and lowered using a handle. The unique figure of eight cording housed in the bottom rail ensures that the blind will stop in any position.

Wand Control ideal for Vertical Blinds

The Easy Glide system for vertical blinds also eliminates the danger of children becoming entangled in cords as the blind is manufactured with a wand control. Simply pull the wand across your window to open and close the blind. To alter the amount of light entering your room, you can rotate the louvres by twisting the wand. Alternatively if you already have a vertical blind installed in your home and want to make it a safer environment for your children, you can house the operating chain and cord in an easy to fit Control Guard Unit.

Control-Guard Cord Safety Device

The Control-Guard Cord Safety Device is a low cost solution for increased child safety. This simple unit, suitable for roller, roman and vertical blinds, houses the operating chains and cords, and secures against the wall.

Uni Wand Ideal for Venetian Blinds

The Uni Wand combines tilting, raising and lowering of the Venetian blind into one control. When the blind is raised, lift cords can be wrapped around the cleats attached to the wand, eliminating free-hanging cords.

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